What’s My Take On The Wartrol Reviews?

If you have warts and are looking for a great way to get rid of them we are sure you’ve heard of Wartrol. This is a wart removing liquid that you apply to the skin. It’s said to start working within the first few days, and to completely dissipate the wart within a few weeks.

We know what you are thinking right now. Could this possibly be true? After reading many and Wartrol reviews that are spread across what seems like every corner of the internet, I finally decided to purchase it. So what happened?

I get really bad plantar warts. For those of you who don’t know, those are the warts that show up on your feet. They typically stay to the soles, which makes walking really, really uncomfortable. I’ve tried other wart removers, those band-aid things, and nothing seemed to take care of my warts.

That is of course until I tried out Wartrol serum. It’s fairly easy to use as you simply just brush the liquid on your wart three times each day. It takes a couple minutes before it gets completely dry. So plan on waiting for a few before you put your sock back on, or cover up your wart. You want to make sure the serum stays on the wart throughout the day.